About Leverage

By, Donna M. Monnig

Leverage is a television series by TNT in which a group of the world’s greatest thieves come together and form a team that helps those who have no where else to go. Essentially they steal from the rich and give to the poor – sounds like modern day Robin Hood right? More like the modern day A-Team with a twist! With the world’s greatest Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, and ex-insurance investigator turned Mastermind all on the same team the bad guys are done for! After all, sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.

Starring Timothy Hutton as Nathan Ford the down on his luck, alcoholic, ex-insurance investigator, who turned against his company after they let his young son die by refusing to pay for the much needed, medical procedures.

Christian Kane does an excellent job portraying Eliot Spencer the Hitter/Retrieval Specialist who, as we all discover, can do a whole lot more than just bust heads together.

Aldis Hodge brings the role of a geek to a whole new level as the cool and slick, Alec Hardison, Hacker extraordinaire.

Beth Riesgraf expertly plays the unusual role of the thief, Parker,  whom Eliot Spencer describes best as “twenty pounds of crazy in a five pound bag.” (Think Murdoc without the imaginary dog.)

Gina Bellman superbly plays the role of Sophie Deveraux the grifter who, on stage is the worst actress known to mankind, but on a con can play the role of anyone in the world to utter perfection.

Together they provide… leverage.

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