Parker: “You identified the weapon by the sound of the gunshots?”

Eliot: “It’s a very distinctive sound.” (The Homecoming Job)


While Distinctive Con-nections is still in its infancy and this website is far from being finished, it’s aim is to become a veritable encyclopedia of Leverage. A one stop shop for everything you could want to know about the television series offering a season by season, Leverage episode guide; character profiles for Eliot, Hardison, Parker, Sophie, and Nate, as well as other characters of the show; news about Leverage and its actors; connections between Leverage and other television series that might otherwise be missed, and much, much more.

Distinctive Con-nections was created and is maintained by Donna M. Monnig – poet, author, freelance writer, and long time Leverage fan.


Hardison: “You can tell they were CIA by their stance?”

Eliot: “It’s a very distinctive stance.” (The Top Hat Job)


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