Alec Hardison

Profile: Alec Hardison – Hacker

Alec Hardison is gifted. Not only is he an amazing hacker, but he can also paint incredible, if somewhat creepy, pictures – most notable being the one of older Nate – and forge extremely old artifacts such as royal diaries. Hardison can retask a satalite, get level 3 NSA clearance, he cannot, however, “hack a hick” as he calls it.

Raised in the foster care system Hardison spent the majority of his years their with a foster mother he and the rest of the kids affectionately dubbed, Nanna.

Hardison started his criminal career young when he hacked into and emptied a bank in Iceland when he was a teenager.

Alec Hardison is also extremely lucky. He has survived repelling with Parker, sat on a bomb and didn’t die, spilt blue slushy in Eliot’s car and lived to tell the tale.

Real Name: Alec Hardison

Known Alias’: (To be added soon.)

Occupation: Hacker, computer geek.

Likes: Playing video games; spending time with Parker; eating gummie frogs(1); drinking orange soda; his van Luceille; hacking anything otherwise believed to be unhackable; annoying Eliot; saying “age of the geek baby!”; etc.

Dislikes: Chaos (2); being hypnotised by Nathan Ford (3); being buried alive (4); anyone messing with Luceille; etc.

Weapon of Choice: A computer or smart phone (anything with which he can use to hack into the internet to make the marks life misrable); however, Hardison is not to be underestimated, he once made a bomb out of a Menthol Light (5).

Source Notes: 1. The Top Hat Job; 2. The Ho, Ho, Ho Job; 3. The Scheherazade Job; 4. The Grave Danger Job; 5. The Gone-Fishin’ Job

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