Eliot Spencer

Profile: Eliot Spencer – Hitter

Former Retrieval Specialist Eliot Spencer is the Leverage teams official Hitter. While he is wanted in multiple countries, and the mere whisper of his name can reduce grown goons to tears, Eliot is actually a pretty nice guy.

While previously not much of a team player, since joining Leverage Consulting & Associates (aka Nathan Ford’s merry team of thieves), Eliot Spencer has become an integral part of the group and enjoys the dysfunctional family atmosphere (even if he won’t admit it), and has shown an extraordinary amount of patience and restraint in denying the urge to punch Hardison when the hacker prattles on incessantly in computer speak and constantly says “age of the geek baby!”

While Eliot Spencer definitely comes from a military background the details are still unclear as to which branch he belonged to, what his exact rank was, or how he went from soldier to retrieval specialist.

Not much is known about Eliot Spencer’s family other than that he has a nephew (who would apparently like a place called Bibltopia) and an uncle named Randy. We also know that he grew up with Aimee from Kentucky and that he quite possibly intended to marry her until she married someone else while he was on a job or mission gone wrong.

Eliot Spencer is a man of many talents. Not only an accomplished fighter but he is also an excellent chef (he even grows his own food), and a great country western singer when the occasion calls for it.

More Details About Eliot Spencer

Real Name: Eliot Spencer (As far as we know.)

Known Alias’: Kenneth Crane, Adam Sinclair.  (More to be added soon.)

Occupation: Retrieval Specialist, Hitter, Fighter, Protector, etc. (Basically he likes to hurt people who hurt people.)

Likes: Hitting bad guys; annoying Hardison; working on his Challenger; dreaming up new ways to hurt Jim Sterling; cooking, and more.

Dislikes: Guns (but that doesn’t mean that he don’t know how to use them); the Butcher of Kiev; when Parker pokes at his bruises or other injuries; dressing up as Santa Claus, and the list goes on.

Weapons of Choice: His fists. However, Eliot is also proficient with knives (he can cut through eight Yakuza in about four seconds… as well as dice onions); guns (while he hates them words fall short of describing his proficiency with them); axes (don’t ask); belts (just ask those British Paratroopers); baseball bat (just ask the Irish mob); mirrors; pots, spatulas, and whisks; mop handles, pretty much anything that Eliot Spencer lays his hands on can be turned into a deadly weapon… just ask Nathan Ford – he once witnessed Eliot kill a man with an appetizer… sorta.

Eliot Spencer IS a deadly weapon.

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