Profile: Parker – Thief

More Details

Real Name: Parker (Full name unknown.)

Known Alias’: Alice White (1), Hardison (2)

Occupation: Thief

Likes: Money, Hardison, pretzels, driving fast, jumping off of buildings (really, really high buildings), etc.

Dislikes: Stuff (3), horses (though they’re not nearly so murderous as she once thought they were) (4), Parker 2000 (though only at first) (5), etc.

Weapon of Choice: Her tazer (Parker really, really likes using her tazer).

Source Notes: 1. The Juror #6 Job & The Morning After Job; 2. The Stork Job; 3. The Nigerian Job; 4. The Two-Horse Job; 5. The Carnival Job

(More information coming soon.)

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